Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saving time and money!

I am finally getting into this whole couponing thing, and along with it, stockpiling. It is incredible and almost unbelievable what I have saved already this month. Our average weekly Walmart trip was probably $250. I say probably, because it's hard to add up all the "quick trips" we would take there to get a few things...which always turn into a lot of things.

Anyway. So last week, with the motivation of a great friend on Frugal Mom Rock$, I clipped and clipped and clipped. I had like 4 weeks of coupon books laying around. Then I filed. Then, I found a great website online, Penny Pinching Bargain Bunch. There, I was able to make sense of the coupons policies at my local Kroger. And let me tell you what a deal I got! The first week, I spent $150. That was 2 carts of food. Not bad at all, since I usually spend $200 for less then 1 cart. This week...ooooooooo this week! All my purchases rang up for $280!!! Then I scanned my card, and it came down to $170. Then my coupons and incredible catalina' bill came to a whopping $110!!!! And that is a ridiculously over-sized cart full, enough meat for 7 meals, and 2 bottles of wine.

Feeling really good today! Already have my coupons, since my newspaper has an early Sunday edition that comes out on Saturday, and now I'm clipping away. I plan on spending less than $50/week on groceries over the next 2 weeks!!! I am so thrilled. I even talked my neighbor into doing it with me. I really didn't know how excited I would get about this, but I'm really excited. We've been rearranging the pantry and laundry storage to make room for the stockpile. I plan on buying some tupperware as well to keep my pasta, rices, and sugar/flour stored neatly.